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What are the benefits of crawl space insulation?

Reduced energy costs. As much as 40% of the heating and cooling bills are due to outdoor air seeping through basement windows.

More comfort in summer and winter months-colder, warmer by day or night.

Auger-runner installation often includes extra insulation around water pipes where possible, which can also help to reduce wear on these items that is caused during flow.

The biggest benefit of crawl space insulation systems is adding an additional layer against the cold outside air that would otherwise seep into your home during winters. With added insulation, drafts won't be able to pass through easily anymore and with less extreme swings in temperature it will result in a more comfortable living environment for all occupants, additionally this will create a much healthier environment within your crawl space.

We can install crawlspace vapor barriers which will help to prevent any interior moisture from moving into the crawl space and causing mold or mildew growth. This is a huge benefit if you have crawl space humidity problems. It's crucial that crawl spaces are allowed to breathe while keeping out rain, snow and other moisture. The crawl space insulation we install will also provide an added level of safety by keeping out critters such as mice, rats, snakes and bugs that could be found in crawl spaces that aren't properly sealed off from the outside world.

In addition to all this you may find yourself experiencing cleaner air since removing excess moisture from the air in your crawl space will also remove dust particles and serve as an air purifier.

Did you know crawl spaces are more beneficial if they are vented at the crawl space floor?

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How does crawl space insulation work?

The crawl space insulation works by adding a layer of extra air that provides thermal protection to the home. This helps keep the house at a more consistent temperature and avoids extreme temperatures outside or inside.

The crawl space is actually in an ideal position in the home to provide supplemental heating and cooling when necessary, and this can be achieved through attic insulation and/or HVAC ducting improvements when necessary. A good rule of thumb when it comes to crawl space insulation is that you should add 8 inches of high-quality vapor barrier (a minimum 5 pounds per cubic foot) over your existing ground cover (insulation). As always, make sure you add enough ventilation for moisture control.

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