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What are the benefits of wall insulation?

The heat loss over time is significantly reduced because the heat doesn't escape through walls. Installation will save you money on heating because at first, there's an initial investment but it will soon make up for itself.

Less air conditioning is needed to keep your house cool which also decreases home energy usage and bills. Finally, it looks nicer than just drywall or wallpaper, especially if you're tired of that 1970s look with orange floral wallpaper!

What does wall insulation entail and what is the process like?

It's a specialized wall covering that has several tiny pockets for trapping hot and cold air. It's wallboard but it looks more like sheets of fabric. To install, you must first determine your wall area and purchase enough material for all walls that need it. Cut out areas on wall according to measurements then use fasteners (usually adhesive) to affix over them. The seams will be visible; this can be camouflaged by painting/wallpapering right after installation while the wall is still wet with bonding agent used in the insulation kit.

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How does wall insulation work?

Wall insulation works by creating a thermal barrier.

Thermal radiation is the transmission of heat from one body to another such as across the gap between two bodies of different temperatures, or through space between an object and its surroundings.

When we insulate with foam board or rigid insulation, we use the bulk material as a physical barrier between two bodies at different temperatures - and this passive gap is what blocks radiant heat transfer and therefore prevents unwanted heat loss

Regarding vapor barriers: They're not always necessary because if you have low indoor relative humidity then there's minimal moisture that needs to be stopped from migrating into your insulated wall cavities. So it only becomes necessary when you live in humid environments (or plan on living in such an environment ) and want to prevent moisture from building up in wall cavities (mold, mildew etc).

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