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What are the benefits of blown in insulation?

In the past few decades, blown-in insulation has grown to be a popular method for installing insulation because it is inexpensive and leaves no mess. In fact, it's as easy as filling a plastic bag with insulation and then sealing it closed.

Blown-in insulation is usually made from several different chemical compounds mixed together before being sprayed into place using an air compressor.

Some of the most popular types of blown-ins include glass wool batting, polyester batting, cellulose, mineral wools.

Individuals who have used this type of insulation report that they've had less trouble with cooling bills in the summertime than they did before adding the blow-ins due to less heat loss through their walls during cold months.

Some of the benefits blown-in insulation are that it is easy to install, all materials used are usually considered nontoxic, and blown-ins can be recycled. It also increases R-value more effectively than other types of insulation.

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How does blown in insulation work?

Blown-in insulation is commonly used to insulate both old and new homes. There are two options for blown-in insulation installation--thick or thin--depending on how thick the home's existing insulation materials are. The more space around the blown-ins, the better quality they'll be!

Blown in insulation works by first removing any existing insulation that may have been added during construction of a home. New fibers are then blown into attics through an opening cut into the roof without disturbing any structure members beneath it which would create leaks, sag, voids or other problems for the homeowner. Heavy dirt will clog up some types of systems so make sure to use a thick version of this type of system if there is a lot of dirt or blown insulation debris in the attic.

Blown in insulation materials are blown into the cavity created by removing old blown insulation. Before adding back any blown insulation blown it is important to have all vents and openings closed so as not to lose any material .

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