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What are the benefits of garage door insulation?

Garage door insulation is a great way to keep winter from sneaking into your garage. The one time it's not a good idea to insulate a garage door, is if you live in a region that sees consistent snowfall

Insulating the doors during those months would be useless as the heavy, wet snow would push right through them with ease and put unnecessary stress on your hinges. You might as well just pay me for this advice now...just kidding!

When it comes to protecting your vehicle from enduring harsh temperatures and hazardous chemicals, an insulated garage door should do the trick. Coolant tanks should be protected against freezing by draining their fluids before summer ends and bringing them inside where they won't freeze come winter. But garage doors offer much more than their immediate surroundings protection

The garage door is a direct passageway to your home, and by reducing outside temperatures you'll reduce the risk of damaging exterior components like shingles and gutters that freeze when the cold creeps in. Then there's insulation for garage doors: this will help minimize heating and cooling bill costs throughout winter and summer months.

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How does garage door insulation work?

Garage door insulation is a foam that reacts with the surrounding air to maintain an even temperature of -18 degrees Celsius.

In the cold winter months, it's important to insulate your garage from the adjacent living space. Maintaining a steady temperature is key both for safety and for utility. Generally speaking, most manufacturers recommend a thickness of 5mm or so of foam or insulation board on top of metal sheets which have been screwed over joists.

The foam will help maintain 18 degrees Celsius inside without heat being lost through gaps in your ceiling's sheeting above you garage. By doing this, you will also eliminate condensation between two surfaces when entering/leaving your home in these winter months! Different garage door insulation products are available, including pillows and garage door insulation kits. Both styles of garage door insulation come with instructions that explain how to install the garage door insulation (and these can also be found online). If you're not sure what type of garage door insulation you need, consider asking a home improvement expert like those at your local paint or hardware store for advice.

If you do need any help installing garage insulation, make sure to ask the experts there! We hope this article answered all your questions... As always if you enjoyed it please share on social media! See you next time fellow house hunters! 👋

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